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Omari Bertram

Kadele Cortez Grant

Anya Stewart Maggs


Interactive installation, 2016-18


Creator: Akeelah Bertram

Technologist: Joanne Armitage

Dancer: Akeim Buck

Artist: Adam Glatherine

Composer: Aron Kyne

Musician: Thabo Mkwananzi

Poet: Zodwa Nyoni

Vocalist: Mirabel Ukpabio


Denmarc Creary

Jessica Passant

Adeline Pitu

Omari Swanston-Jeffers

Ruvimbo Togara

Malika Al-kebsi

Mansor Al-kebsi

Yahya Al-kebsi

Ahmed Mohamed

Salvador Muila

Sallah Omar


“Ultiverse” is a highly emotive interactive environment. Ultrasonic sensors use audience movement to influence a combination of moving refracted light, vibrations and sound. In 2018 “Ultiverse” culminated in a live performance in the interactive installation exploring emotions around migration experiences. Developed with 7 artists and 21 community contributors, this cross disciplinary collaboration resulted in an incredibly moving immersive experience for over 2000 participants at Light Night Leeds 2018.

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