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Involving or relating to the use of computer technology


A large group of people with a similar heritage or homeland who have since moved out to places all over the world


Dig.aspora explores how BME communities create virtual spaces to see and be seen.


The event will focus on how digital media has shifted the narrative control from main stream media to individual makers, with talks and exchanges situated in a sensory celebration of art, film and music.

Theme 1

The exchange

  • Owning narratives: Media that broadens representation of diaspora identities as essential tools in forming identity

  • Widening Perspectives: Diverse & authentic representations of BME people as essential tool for wider populations appreciation of diaspora communities

Theme 2

The Future

  • Establishing a platform: Who polices & validates narratives, access & barriers to entry, acquiring a voice, planning for growth

  • Incoming communities: can frameworks/ patterns be developed to aid the process of acquiring a voice & seeing yourself



Exhibition opens



3x 30 minute keynote talks/ in conversations each followed by audience discussion


Food, Networking, socialising, Music, Performances


Creators who have utilised digital media to communicate new narratives & supply more varied representation will discuss existing structures/ platforms, addressing the pros, cons and hopes for the future.

Representatives from platforms across the UK are invited to share in a banquet style think tank, responding to talks, sharing experiences and developing strategies. 


Discussions are captured via audio, video recording and comments using #dig.aspora


An arcade of culture comprised of projections and tablets, audiences will be immersed in/ navigate the sights and sounds of digital diaspora spaces.


Ctrl+K:  Featuring BME creators working in film/ video production


#: exploring spaces across social media (popular culture, fashion, music and art)


As communities in Leeds change and evolve, we have the opportunity to learn about cultures from around the world. This event will promote education and sharing about the many corners of the world that have come to co-habit in Leeds in recent years; drawing on international success stories to visualise future processes.


I have lived in Leeds for the majority of my life. The city I inhabit today is vastly different from the one of my childhood. Taking part in the festival would be an opportunity to introduce national and international audiences to the city I know and love, and connect people of Leeds to the wider world in a new way.

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