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In 2017 artist Akeelah Bertram, invited technologist Joanne Armitage and composer Aron Kyne to undertake a 30 day R&D to introduce complex interactions to Ultiverse.




The challenge was to introduce complex interactions to the existing light and sound installation Ultiverse. At the close of this R&D we present the ideas we began to manifest in the work.


Over the course of the R&D we have grappled with the concepts of co-creation and how to design an automated work that can evolve depending on the actions of the audience. Our first task was to work out the relationship between our practices and how they would combine in a collaborative setting – logistics, process and concepts.


At Phase 3 we presented the ideas we explored - a proof of concept based on our collaboration, audience feedback and observations from our Open Events. Our 30 days of research and development led to the creation of a compositional/programming framework that allows audience members to co-compose the soundscape and influence the progression of the environment.


This initial R&D has given valuable insight to the concept, technical capabilities and requirements to make Ultiverse interactive; providing a framework to develop the work further. We look forward to creating a final version of the work in 2018. Stay tuned!

In 2018 we created a live Encounter through an intense collaborative process

In 2016 artists and audiences shared in the immersive environment for the first time

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